When it comes to ports, a ship's cargo ship and excellent natural landscape will emerge in our minds. The port is always a busy scene. There are various ports in the world. Where is your favorite port? Next, let's go to all parts of the world to see those ports.

Hoth Port

There is a small fish port near the capital of Ireland -Hoth. This small port is located in the northeast of Dublin. Hoth looks very quiet compared to many noisy ports, and there are not many tourists who come to visit. Many seagulls are flying nearby, and the bold seagulls will actively ask for food from the past. The port of Hoth is composed of two docks. On the west side of the dock on the west side is mainly some restaurants opened by locals.

Ushuaia Port

The port of Ushuaia is located in Argentina, South America. Here is where people who go to Antarctic adventure must go through, and unique geographical location has made many tourists yearn for. The natural scenery of Tierra del Fuego is also very beautiful. Not only has there is lush trees, but also the towering snowy mountains can be seen. The buildings with different colors here are located in landscapes, forming a beautiful landscape painting.

Singaporean Port

Port Singapore is located on the most busiest strait in the world-the Malacca Strait. The shipping volume on the Malacca Strait is three times that of the Suez Canal and 5 times that of the Panama Canal. The Malacca Strait is the main energy transportation channel of Japan, South Korea, China and other countries. Thanks to excellent geographical location, Singapore Port has developed into the world's second largest port.

The operation of the Malacca Strait has also played an important role in the economy of the surrounding countries. The Singapore Port in the world is developed by the Malacca Strait. It is also the second largest port in the Pacific region of Asia.

Sydney Port

Sydney Port is the most important port in Australia and the world's largest natural seaport. On both sides of the north and south are the most prosperous central areas of Sydney. One of the best perspectives to appreciate Sydney is to stand at the port of Sydney to the shore and feel the perfect combination of modern buildings and natural scenery.

Cape Town Port

The geographical location of Cape Town is very important. It is located at the intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only way for Europe to lead to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean along the western coast of Africa. Different from the elegance and gentleness of the dock in Europe, the Port Cape Town has the original beauty of nature.

Naples Port

Naples is the only way for many Mediterranean routes. The city of Naples is beautiful, but the Bay Bay's bay scenery is more spectacular. After the tourists get off the ship, they usually can't wait to rush to the port of Naples. This is an enthusiastic city, with a variety of cultural intersections. You can taste the famous local pizza, and you will definitely get different surprises.