Do you have carefully observed the surrounding roads in your life? Whether it is the highway in the town or the rural roads, they are all bent. In fact, on the humble road, there are also mysteries that are unique to its structure. This mystery is that the highway is bent in the plateau, the plain or the coastal areas. Why it is like this?

1.Because of the terrain. The direction of highways has a lot to do with the terrain. Because high -speed roads are built in areas with scarce population, most of these places have mountains. Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of the hills of the tunnel team and avoid the unstable terrain when the highway construction is built, the road construction is bent. And avoiding tunnels can also save a lot of costs. In addition, we need to try not to destroy the surrounding environment when building the road, so we must try to bypass as much as possible when encountering villages or farmers' fields. This also causes high roads to bend.

2.The safety issue. The vehicles are driving fast on the highway. For long -term straight -line driving, the driver's eyes will have symptoms of fatigue, and the attention is easy to disperse. Unconsciously, it will fall asleep. This is not conducive to safe driving. Once there is any danger, it is difficult to dodge, which occurs a series of accidents.

Generally there are street lights on the road, so it is also convenient to go out at night. But why are there no street lights on the highway?

The first reason: the huge cost. If we want to achieve the lighting effect, we usually need to install a street light every 50 meters, so the cost is very huge. And the street lights should also be maintained and repaired, making more costs. In addition, the highway does not have a large traffic every day, which will form a waste of resources.

The second reason: lighting will affect driving. Because high -speed driving is basically long -distance, people usually drive for several hours. If there is street lights at high speed, the light switch between bright and dark, which will affect the owner's eyes and form visual fatigue. If some people can't respond for a while, they will not be able to see the obstacles ahead.

The third reason: the reflector system is perfect. Although there is no lighting on the highway, there are many reflective signs. The most common is the hot -melt bands, as well as Diaphragm type isolation belts, guardrails, and so on. As long as your lights are on it, there will be reflection, which is equivalent to the effect of street lights.