Once, Aurora was so far to us. Some people even think that if you have the opportunity to see the aurora once in your life, there is no regret. Today, more and more friends around us shared their experiences with the Aurora. Looking at the aurora, it is no longer mysterious.

However, Aurora can not be seen at any time as ordinary attractions. Aurora appears in the air in the high magnetic latitude area of the planet. Powerful high -energy particles collide with atoms in the high -level atmosphere, causing glowing phenomenon caused by energy release. These charged particles come from the magnetic layer and solar wind. On the earth, they will be brought into the atmosphere of the earth's magnetic field to generate aurora.

Most aurora will occur in the aurora zone. Aurora is called Antarctic light in Antarctic, and is called the Arctic light in the Arctic. When magnetic storms occur, aurora is also generated in lower latitudes. The aurora phenomenon not only occurs on the earth, but some other planets with magnetic fields in the solar system will also have aurora.

The expression of the aurora is not limited to the green aurora.

Red aurora

Under normal circumstances, a red aurora will appear when the solar wind and oxygen are above 150 miles. When the red aurora appeared, the sky was red and very spectacular. However, the red aurora is very rare.

Yellow aurora and pink aurora

Yellow and pink aurora are rare in nature. Only when the sun is violently active, people may see these two colors. In fact, yellow aurora and pink aurora are mixtures of red aurora and blue aurora.

Green aurora

Green Aurora is the most common aurora that everyone sees. Most of the Aurora in Northern Europe is also green. Green aurora usually occurs at a height of about 60 to 150 miles. It is the result of the collision of sun wind and oxygen.

Aurora is not only a optical phenomenon, but also a radio wave phenomenon that can be detected by radar. Its shooting method is the same as meteor. First of all, long exposure cameras are necessary, and the second is to establish a stable desktop or camera shooting platform.

Aurora is a natural phenomenon, and it is developed in hundreds of thousands of feet of space, so the scale of Aurora is difficult to predict. People often think that wide -angle zoom is difficult. Because Aurora photography is a long exposure, it needs to keep records at night, showing a stable image quality. If the photos are not taken well, you don't need to be sad. You can try to adjust different camera parameters.

Make good use of wide -angle lens. When a wide -angle lens is used when the range of the aurora changes is wide, the entire aurora can be incorporated into the photo, and such a picture will be more imposing. Because Aurora is located at a very high place, it is recommended to set a farther focus when shooting. This can absorb the most light sources within the exposure time.

Most cameras now have an automatic shooting function. It is convenient to take pictures and can operate at high speed. But on the night of shooting Aurora, the camera was difficult to focus without light. Therefore, please do not forget to adjust the light source manually to achieve better results.

In addition, even if all equipment is ready, some details may be forgotten. Therefore, before going out, check whether the camera is full of electricity; whether the memory card has enough storage space; whether the tripod is brought. After all, only with sufficient preparation can we help us better complete the shooting. Aurora is the best gift to us in nature. We should record its beauty with the camera in our hands.