When you finally have time to think about your vacation destination, it’s natural to go to the places that give you the best relaxation. Bask in the sun on the beach, hold the hand of a loved one on a romantic adventure or spend time with the family. Here are the top 10 sea resorts in the world. With this list, you will have an unforgettable journey without having a difficult choice on your next trip.

1. Aruba

This is a favorite vacation spot for European and American tourists. There are English signs everywhere, and you can also use US dollars for consumption. Palm Beach on the west coast of the island is the main tourist center on the island, famous for its 10 kilometers of continuous white sandy beaches and seaside holiday houses, as well as the Turquoise Coast. Here you can indulge in fishing or adventure sports.

2. Seychelles

Seychelles holds three of the top ten best beaches in the world, sometimes more. But no sun umbrellas and sun loungers can be found on the world-famous beaches of La Digue, De Agen, Anse Lazio on Praslin, or hundreds of other unknown beaches. Raw, the scent seems to be soaked in all the beauty of Seychelles.

3. Anguilla

Located at the northern end of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean archipelago, it is a British island. The atmosphere of Anguilla is laid-back and luxurious, with white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and tropical climates creating a more quiet and introverted tourist atmosphere. The waters of the island are great for surfing and kitesurfing.

4. Goa

The colorful architecture and façade colors, the miniature roofs and the friendly local people are reminiscent of Venice. The golden and clean beach is just like the original initial version. Walking on the sand will only give people an infinite sense of happiness.

5. Maldives

When you come here, you will find that in addition to the best oceans and beaches in the Maldives, you can also learn fishing tips, make jewelry, hear a lot of legends about climate and nature, and more.

6. Kerala

It is called the first and last India: peaceful, prosperous, quiet, clean. It will bring you a natural and warm time here. Be sure to take a boat ride to experience the local "Back Water Tour of Coconut Township" (Back Water): tranquil coconut groves, lush tea gardens and passing birds from time to time constitute a tropical landscape.

7. Coronado Beach

Whether it's surfing, sunbathing, swimming or just walking along the beach, Coronado, California is the place to be. The beach is very flat, and the mica-rich sand reflects a silvery brilliance, making it ideal for walking and surfing. Bring a beach umbrella, a large bath towel and a picnic basket for a great day.

8. Siesta Key Beach

The sand here is extremely fine and white, and it is called sugar sand from the visual sense. Amazingly, even in the sweltering heat of summer, stepping on the beach still feels very cool.

9. Boracay

If all you want to do on vacation is play, then Boracay in the Philippines is for you. In addition to relaxing on the beach and tropical parties at night, boating, windsurfing, diving, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and even golf are all available here.

10. Bahamas

If I had to describe it in two words, it would have to be "pure" and "happiness." The Bahamas is known as the "Kingdom of Birds" in Latin America, with more than 200 species of birds, of which there are more than 50,000 flamingos.