As the world's most famous tourist country, Italy has many humanities and historical and artistic landscapes. But the most precious thing in Italy is the natural scenery like Wonderland-Dolomiti. It is like a postcard, showing the scenery and gorgeousness of Italy to the world.

The Dolomiti Mountains is the mountain cluster of the eastern part of the Italian Alps, located in the northeast of Italy, spanning the three major administrative regions: Freheli Venice-Julia, Trusino-Shang Adie and Veneto.

There are many peaks of the Dolomiti Mountains, of which 18 mountain peaks have an altitude of more than 3,050 meters. The tallest mountain peak is the Malmorad Peak, 3,343 meters high, with a cliff of 610 meters high on the south slope of the peak. The mountain is composed of limestone. Due to the erosion effect of the mountain, the ridges are jagged, the valley is deep, and the cliffs are steep. In the 18th century, French geologist Dolomiti conducted scientific research on the region and its geology, so it was called the Peak of Dolomiti.

Mount Dolomiti is composed of the Alps in northern Italy, with a total of 18 mountain peaks, covering an area of 14,1903 hectares. The Mount Dolomiti is a well -known tourist resort in the world. The mountains are magnificent and unique and charming. The peaks are surrounded by many charming villages.

There are wonderful mountain views, vertical rock walls, steep cliffs and deep valleys everywhere. The unique landform shows the colorful international attraction here. The active geological activity is also the characteristic of this area, and the landslides, floods and avalanches frequently occur.

Dolomiti has three treasures: the towering Delomiti mountain peaks, beautiful valleys and gem -like glacier lakes. In fact, everywhere Dolomiti deserves you to stop, you can find the beauty that can move you. Of course, the best way to experience here is still hiking here.

The green grass and cattle and sheep in the hillside are connected into a piece, everything is so beautiful. If the mountains of the Alps are towering, so that the mountain peaks of the Dorumi can make the Dolomiti region stand out from the mountains. The unique Dolomiti peak has gradually evolved from the underwater world more than 200 million years ago. The erosion of flowing water and glaciers reshaped its layer of sedimentary rock landforms, so that Dolomiti is so magnificent.

In Dolomiti, these rocks not only look magnificent and very distinctive, but also provide many possibilities for outdoor sports.

Because Dolomiti has abundant sunshine in summer, the magnificent natural scenery and the unique alpine climate make it very suitable for hiking. In addition to hiking, Dolomiti is also a paradise for climbing enthusiasts. On those nearly vertical mountains, people who are carrying many ropes and climbing can often be seen.

There are thousands of hiking routes throughout the Dolomiti area. Some routes are flat and beautiful, and they are very suitable for people who want to travel leisurely. Some are more difficult and have a large span, which is very suitable for tourists who want to challenge themselves.

In Dolomiti, from June to September each year, the climate is pleasant and beautiful. It is a golden season suitable for hiking. There are wild flowers here in June; in September, the golden maple leaves are extremely beautiful. Tourists and friends who come here can find their favorite routes in advance and design a route that suits them. There are also small houses on the mountain to facilitate hikers. Therefore, hiking people do not need to carry many supplies here.